Food and Wood fuel Help

Food and Wood Fuel Vouchers

Food vouchers are available to help with basic household requirements, anyone who  is shielding,  the more vulnerable of us, those who have lost their primary income, or are enduring any hardships due to Covid19,  is eligible to apply, the value of the vouchers is linked to the number of householders.

All applications will be treated in the strictest of  confidence.

We know it can be very difficult for people to ask for or accept help, many have always worked and never been in this position before, some worry that there may be others worse off than them. These are unprecedented times and will affect everyone in different ways. This community fund is here for you when you need it. Please get in touch about any concerns of needs you might have.

The vouchers and food boxes started being distributed to those adversely affected by the pandemic in the first week of May.  The Vouchers are valid for essential items ( not lottery cards, alcohol or cigarettes ) in The Lochcarron Food Center ( Spar ) where you can phone and collect orders, or get orders delivered to your house.

Please get in touch about food parcels and vouchers;
Phone – 01520 722987
Mobile – 0749 838 7343

Update 9th May 2020.
Food Vouchers and food boxes.
We are working our way around the community, delivering fruit baskets, food boxes and food vouchers (redeemable locally) to  those self isolating, the more vulnerable of us, volunteers, and those whose primary income has been reduced due to Covid 19, we aim to have the area fully covered by the middle of next week. Please bare in mind, without knowing the circumstances of each individual household we have only local knowledge to guide us and we may get in wrong. If you are in receipt of a food box delivery with items you do not require, please gift them to the Food Banks in Lochcarron Food Centre and Lochcarron Garage.

Please get in touch if you wish to make use of the service, don’t be shy, it’s there to be used. You can get in touch and request further assistance by either telephoning Kristine on  01520 722987, or by email on

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