Covid19 Virus, staying safe- information

There are currently lots of mixed messages and conflicting sources of information on the virus and staying safe, We are by no means experts. This page will post information from official and reputable sources, for you to do your own reading and determine what is best for you withing official guidelines.

Scot. Gov route map for phased exit of lockdown.

UK governments guidance for SCOTLAND ( currently differs from English guidelines )

Scottish Governments current Guidance.

Scottish Governments guidance on facial coverings.

NHS scotland guidance

Health protection Scotland- guidance for health professionals and organisations.

Highland Council general guidance & information

Highland council guidance for tenants

Albyn housing general information & news for tenants

Highland council information about shielding

Ready Scotland advice for community groups

general help topics from

BBC news Coronavirus news and stories

Live updates from world health organisation

The independent covid19 advice

The guardian newspaper covid19 news and information

more NHS information

FireScotland advice on safety during the pandemic

Age Uk advice for older people

Advice for volunteers

Phone – 01520 722987
Mobile – 0749 838 7343

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