plans for a phased Lockdown exit in Scotland

Today 21/05/2020 Scot. Gov. published and announced their route map for ending lock down which consists of 4 phases.

“However my hope is that we will enter the first phase a week today, on Thursday 28th May.

” Here’s what you need to know: 

Phase 1

The first phase will enable meeting up with members of another household outdoors, with physical distancing measures in place, as well as the re-opening of garden centres, drive-through food outlets, and household recycling sites.

It will also allow more outdoor activity – such as sitting in parks – and outdoor sports such as fishing, hiking and golf. Travelling short distances (broadly within 5 miles) for outdoor leisure and exercise will also be permitted in Phase 1.

School staff will begin returning to schools to make necessary preparations and adjustments for the new school year beginning from August 11, and where possible, transition support will be available to pupils starting P1 and S1. An increased number of children will be able to access critical childcare, with the resumption of child-minding services and outdoor nursery provision.

What’s more, Phase 1 will see safe restarting of some NHS services – covering primary services including mental health, a resumption of some GP services coupled with an increase in digital consultations, as well as a gradual restarting of urgent elective treatments.”

The route map details are here.

New parliamentary bills have also been passed to help ease the financial burden on businesses.,CBVG,3YI82I,1DPO1,1

A statement from the highland Council about their plans to ease lockdown.

Highland council plans to start re-opening waste recycling centers;




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